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How to Unsubscribe from PeopleLooker

A popular tool for accessing public records. It can often feel intrusive if you discover your own data there. That’s PeopleLooker in a nutshell. 

Whether you’re finding information about someone, uncovering criminal records, or getting details about a property, PeopleLooker is the tool, everybody goes to.

And guess what? You might also be in there… scary right? But don’t worry with the following simple steps you can easily unsubscribe from Peoplelooker. 

PeopleLooker Unsubscribe

Table of Contents

  1. What Is the Deal with PeopleLooker?
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to Unsubscribe from PeopleLooker
  3. Alternative Ways to Cancel Your Subscription
  4. FAQ: PeopleLooker Unsubscribe
  5. Final Words.

1. What Is the deal with PeopleLooker?

PeopleLooker is a subscription-based service that provides access to a wide range of public records. It’s like having your own PI (personal investigation) tool, ready whenever curiosity strikes. With it, you are tapping into an extensive database of public records, where you can perform reverse phone lookups, email searches, and more. But same as you would hire a PI, someone could easily hire a PI and find your information. That is the power of PeopleLooker. 

Features of PeopleLooker

  • People Search: View social media profiles and contact information. (Note: Info may be outdated)
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Identify unknown callers. (Note: Accuracy can vary)
  • Phone Directory: Find local business contacts. (Double-check details)
  • Email Lookup: Verify email authenticity. (Note: Results may include unrelated profiles)
  • Address Lookup: Get property details. (Some info may be outdated)
  • Username Search: Connect online personas across platforms. (Results may vary)
  • Unclaimed Money: Find unclaimed money. (Verify through official channels)
  • Business to Business: Vet potential business partners. (Double-check details)

PeopleLooker Reviews: Pros and Cons

Easy Access to Public RecordsAccuracy Issues
Simplifies finding detailed infoInformation may not always be up-to-date.
Comprehensive SearchesLimited by Jurisdiction
Wide range of searches availableData availability varies by region.
AffordableFCRA Compliance Limits
Cost-effective and budget-friendlyNot usable for employment, credit checks, or tenant screening.

How Does PeopleLooker Get My Personal Information? PeopleLooker, like most data brokers, scours private and public records and compiles them into profiles. They may also pull data from social media sites and other private companies, including other data brokers.

2. How to Unsubscribe from PeopleLooker.

Unfortunately, not many people are fond of having their personal information published on the web and accessible to anyone who asks. 

In this section, we will walk you through the process of unsubscribing from PeopleLooker. Unsubscribing from PeopleLooker is a straightforward process. Doing it right will ensure your data is no longer displayed in the PeopleLooker search results. 

Let’s dive into the step-by-step process.

  • Go to PeopleLooker’s Opt-Out Page: First things first. Head over to the PeopleLooker website. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Under the “Help” section, you’ll find the link titled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” Click on it to begin the opt-out process.
PeopleLooker - Unsubscribe
  • Redirect to BeenVerified: Once you click the link, you’ll be redirected to the BeenVerified opt-out page (the page is And don’t worry, this is normal. BeenVerified handles the opt-out requests for PeopleLooker. Click on “Do Not Sell My Info” to proceed with the data removal process.
PeopleLooker - BeenVerified Unsubscribe
  • Search for Your Record: Now, it’s time to locate your specific record. Enter your full name and state in the search bar, then click “Search.” This step helps to pinpoint your data within their database.
PeopleLooker - OptOut
  • Select Your Listing: After searching, you’ll see a list of records. Find yours and click on the “Proceed to Opt-Out” button. This action will move you closer to removing your information.
  • Submit Your Removal Request: Next, you’ll need to enter your email address. For added privacy, consider using a temporary email address or an email alias. Complete the CAPTCHA, then click “Send Verification Email.”
PeopleLooker -Unsubscribe
  • Verify Your Request: Check your email for a verification link from BeenVerified. Click on this link to confirm your opt-out request. This step is crucial to ensure your data is successfully removed.
  • Confirmation and Follow-Up: Finally, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that your record has been opted out. It typically takes about 24 hours for your opt-out request to take effect. If your data still appears after this period, clear your browser cache and check again. If the issue persists, contact BeenVerified support.

And just like that… you are now officially unsubscribed from Peoplelooker. 

Note: Even after opting out, your data can reappear if BeenVerified receives a new unmatched record. Regularly check PeopleLooker to ensure your information is gone, or at least completely private.

What are some common issues with unsubscribing from PeopleLooker and how to troubleshoot them?

  • No Confirmation Email: Check your spam folder and ensure you entered the correct email address.
  • Data Reappears: Regularly check and submit new opt-out requests if necessary.
  • Multiple Records: Contact BeenVerified directly to address these multiple entries.

3. Alternative Ways to Cancel Your Subscription

So, if the above ways to opt out from PeopleLooker didn’t work, don’t worry, there are still ways you can successfully unsubscribe from PeopleLooker. 

Let’s explore these methods.

a. Cancel via Dashboard

  • Log into your PeopleLooker account: Navigate to the “Your Account” tab on your dashboard.
  • Cancel Your Membership: Click “Cancel Your Membership” and follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation.

b. Contact Customer Support

  • By Phone: Call PeopleLooker’s Customer Care Team at (800) 718-8997.
  • By Email: Send an email to requesting cancellation.
  • Contact Form: Visit the PeopleLooker website, go to the “Contact Us” section, and select “Cancel My Account.”

c. Manual Opt-Out for Multiple Records

If you find multiple records about yourself and want to remove them all, contact BeenVerified directly:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-866-885-6480 (toll-free)
  • Mail: MSC – 149098, P.O. Box 105168, Atlanta, GA 30348-5168

Provide enough information to uniquely identify your profile(s) without revealing additional personal information.

d. Automated Data Removal Services

Consider using services like Incogni to automate and manage opt-out requests across multiple data broker sites. These services can help keep your data private without the hassle of manual processes.

4. FAQ: Peoplelooker Unsubscribe

a. What Happens to My Data After Unsubscribing from PeopleLooker?

When you unsubscribe from PeopleLooker, your personal information is removed from their search results. Additionally, they also instruct their data partners to not display your information. However, keep in mind that your data might still exist on other data broker sites.

b. How Long Does It Take for My Data to Be Removed from PeopleLooker?

Once you verify your opt-out request, your data should be removed from PeopleLooker’s search results within 24 hours. If it still appears after this period, try clearing your browser cache and checking again.

c. What Should I Do if My Data Reappears on PeopleLooker After Unsubscribing?

If your data reappears, it might be due to the creation of a new record. Check PeopleLooker a few times later again and submit as many opt-out requests as necessary. You can also contact BeenVerified at for help.

d. Can I Opt Out of PeopleLooker if I Don’t Have an Account?

Yes, you can opt-out without creating a PeopleLooker account. The opt-out process requires only your email address for verification purposes.

e. How Do I Cancel My PeopleLooker Subscription?

Cancelling your PeopleLooker subscription is simple. Here’s how:

  • Log Into Your PeopleLooker Account: Navigate to the “Contact Us” option in the footer and choose “Cancel My Account.”
  • Confirm Your Cancellation: Follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation.
  • Contact Customer Service: Alternatively, you can call 1-800-592-7153 or email

f. What if I Find Multiple Records About Myself on PeopleLooker?

If you find multiple records (and you want to remove all records from PeopleLooker), you’ll need to do something different. This is because the manual opt-out process only allows you to remove one record. To remove multiple records from PeopleLooker, you’ll need to contact BeenVerified directly at

g. What are similar sites to PeopleLooker for People Search Services? 

If you’re looking for other people’s search services (or looking further to remove your name from other services like PeopleLooker), here are some sites you can check:

  • Intelius: Offers comprehensive background checks and detailed reports.
  • Spokeo: Integrates social media data with traditional public records.
  • Social Catfish: Specializes in verifying online identities and detecting online scams.

h. Is PeopleLooker a Legitimate Site and Is It Legal?

Yes, PeopleLooker is a legitimate site and operates legally. They comply with data privacy laws such as the GDPR and CCPA. You have the right to request the removal of your personal information from their records.

i. What Happens if I Can’t Unsubscribe from PeopleLooker?

If you encounter difficulties unsubscribing, contact PeopleLooker’s customer service at 1-800-592-7153 or email for assistance. You can also consider using automated services like Incogni to manage your opt-out requests.

j. How Can I Protect My Personal Information Online?

Protecting your personal information online requires a few proactive steps:

  • Use Strong, Unique Passwords: Enable two-factor authentication for added security.
  • Limit Sharing Personal Information: Be mindful of what you share online.
  • Use Disposable Emails: For services and opt-out requests.
  • Regularly Check Data Broker Sites: Submit opt-out requests as needed.
  • Use Privacy Tools: Like VPNs and browser extensions that block tracking.

5. Final Words.

Unsubscribing from PeopleLooker can be done through the straightforward process shown in this article. Plus, you can also use alternative methods available if issues arise. 

Additionally, there are numerous ways to protect your information online and alternatives to PeopleLooker if you need a different service. By following this unsubscribe to the PeopleLooker guide, you can manage your digital footprint in a more effective way. You’ll gain control and maintain your privacy.

For more information on this topic, don’t forget to check our guide: How to Opt-Out from PeopleLooker

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