You are currently viewing LimeTorrent Review. Is it safe? is it legal? And how to stay anonymous?

LimeTorrent Review. Is it safe? is it legal? And how to stay anonymous?

In this LimeTorrent review, we’ll go through the popular public torrent tracker and indexer. We’ll describe how it works, its features, its alternatives, and whether is safe and legal. We’ll also go through a few ways how to stay safe and anonymous while using the site.

Torrents are the go-to place if you are looking for free downloadable content. There are plenty of good torrent sites on the internet, and LimeTorrents is one among them. In LimeTorrents, people can find all kinds of torrents of different categories. In addition, torrents can also be useful for people who cannot afford to pay for premium services or buy products by paying a significant amount of money. People can also use torrents to try out different products before buying them.

Millions of people have got access to free content thanks to torrent sites. Limetorrents have played a big role in this and hold a significant share of contributions in distributing the torrents. People cannot simply ignore LimeTorrent’s role in spreading torrents to different corners of this planet. LimeTorrents continue to grow in popularity due to its quality service. They provide the fastest download speeds and trackers; Hence making them one of the most popular torrent file downloading options.

limetorrent review

1. What is LimeTorrent?

The LimeTorrents is a peer to the peer-based torrent download site and search engine. It indexes millions of torrents in its database. LimeTorrent does not store the content; Instead, it provides torrent files to allow downloading the files using different torrent clients. 

Whatever you may be looking for, whether it is movies, games, tv shows, music, books, and many more, can be easily found on LimeTorrents. The seamless search bar allows you to search for anything you like in just a few seconds. So, the sites like LimeTorrents just provide the download links, which you can use with your torrent client to download the torrent into your computer. The torrent files are stored in small packets or pieces in different places across the world.


  • The fully operational LimeTorrent main domain (as of Dec 2021)is:
  • Official proxy domains are: LimeTorrents .asia .co .zone,, and LimeTor.Pro

How do LimeTorrents work?

As you may already know, sites like LimeTorrents are peer-to-peer-based file-sharing websites. Here, a user uploads a file to the torrent site. Then the file is downloaded by multiple users. These users, in turn, share it to even more users in the form of small pieces. This procedure is called BitTorrent. Hence large files can be shared and downloaded easily by using just a fraction of the bandwidth for each user.

2. LimeTorrents Features. 

Like every other torrent download site, LimeTorrents have the reputation of providing top-notch features to its users, including: 

a. Movies & TV Shows

There are millions of different kinds of movies stored on the site. You can find movies in a variety of languages on this site. When searching for movies, LimeTorrents has a separate option to select and search movies categorically. Even the latest releases are uploaded at a much faster rate here than on other sites. The download speed for the movies is excellent and steady. The reviews posted, including the number of downloads, will let you know the quality of the movie print. TV shows are found in great numbers and have many seeders on them for faster downloads. 

b. Games

Everyone loves playing games. You can find all kinds of different types of games here. From Android consoles to PC games, you name it, you find it here. Games are straightforward to download and work all the time perfectly. You can always refer to the description of the game torrents to get info about installation. Users comment on the particular torrent to let you know about any problems with it.

c. Applications and software

Applications are one of the most downloaded torrents on the Internet. You can get all kinds of free premium applications for no cost. Most of them have clear instructions to install them successfully. These types of torrents will help you learn or build something handy. All kinds of applications are available for Android, IOS, windows, macOS, and many more. In addition, clear instructions and procedures are given to install applications, simplifying any additional settings.

d. Books

There are plenty of books available for download on this site. They are available in different versions in PDFs, EPUB, Kindle, Mobi, and many more. Audiobooks are increasing in popularity across the torrent ecosystem. In terms of categories of books, there are plenty of educational, fictional, novels, guides, etc., available for download.

e. Music

If you are into music, then you can find the best possible quality of music here. Music found here can be played commercially because the content is original. Downloaders can obtain millions of music albums from LimeTorrents. You can use the search bar to search for your specific artist or your favorite album.

3. Alternatives to Limetorrents

There are plenty of similar sites to LimeTorrents, and they have more or less the same features.

a. Pirate Bay

Limetorrent alternatives

The Pirate Bay is number one on our list of alternatives. Pirate Bay’s tagline itself says it is the leading torrent site. The main reason for this is, The Pirate Bay was one of the first websites in the torrent ecosystem (and is still around). There are plenty of Pirate Bay proxies on the internet. These can be very easily accessed with a simple Google search. Being one of the oldest sites, it has also played a significant part in making torrents popular.

Pirate bay links:

b. YTS

Limetorrent alternatives

YTS is a good torrent site if you are looking to download movies of the highest quality. It is solely dedicated to movies, and they do not even upload tv shows. YTS is easy to browse, and you can find all sorts of movies. With YTS, you can download HQ movies at good speeds without any problem, as they seem to provide reliable trackers and torrent files. So, if you are looking for some free quality movies, then look no further than YTS. One of the world’s largest collections of ready-to-download movies is found on this site. Moreover, YTS has also known by the popular name YIFY torrents.

YTS links:

c. Kickass torrents

Limetorrent alternatives

Kickass torrents is another popular torrent site with a strong community that is constantly releasing new content. Most of the content uploaded on Kickass Torrents is unique. The chances of finding new and unique content are more on this particular site. Kickass Torrents continues to be one of the most preferred torrents for millions of users worldwide.

d. 1337x

Limetorrent alternatives

1337x is a strange name when it comes to websites, but it packs a punch in terms of the sheer volume of torrents. They are an extremely reliable and growing community. 1337x has plenty of clones (and mirrors) and is the go-to site for a new generation of torrent downloaders. The interface is very easy to use and gives a feeling of modernity. In 1337x, the torrent content is updated regularly.

1337x links:


Limetorrent alternatives

RARBG always stands out from the rest due to its massive collection of torrents. This website used to host its torrent files, but now magnet links have overtaken the previous system. The page load times are much faster than its competitors. In addition, it also features a simple user interface. You can find all kinds of games, movies, tv shows, etc., here. RARBG has minimal annoying advertisements and fares, much better than its alternatives.

RARBG link: 

4. How to download from LimeTorrents?

Here we listed a simple step-by-step procedure that you can use to download from LimeTorrents.

  • Step 1:  Before you start downloading your favorite torrent from LimeTorrents, you need to have a torrent client. 

A torrent client is the software that loads the torrent file, connects with the torrent tracker, and downloads the file for you. There are plenty of torrent clients like BitTorrent, uTorrent, and more. In this case, we have downloaded and installed the BitTorrent client.

Limetorrent review
  • Step 3: Use the search bar to search for your desired torrent and click on it. Or, you can also search through categories. 
Limetorrent review
  • Step 4: Now, click on the magnet download icon to copy the URL link and open it with your torrent client. Check the number of seeders(green) and leechers(red); if the number of seeders is more, it will download faster. 
Limetorrent review
  • Click on the open BitTorrent web to start downloading the torrent file. 
Limetorrent review
  • Step 5: Wait till the torrent completes downloading and seed it for other users. Seeding for other users is optional, but we encourage sharing. Torrent communities after all exist thanks to sharing. 
BitTorrent download

5. Is LimeTorrents down?

When you consider a torrent site like LimeTorrents, you would also need to consider its clones or mirrors. These clones use different web addresses and are run by separate entities. Even though the content and features are similar, they are not live or online all the time. There are a few reasons for this problem, the primary one being that they are getting blocked by various countries and agencies. Hence you may not find your site alive after a few months.

However, torrent service providers always produce multiple website clones. These sites are readily available online. New clone sites are created every time. But sometimes, you may not be able to access the LimeTorrents site. The main reason for this is that your country of residence has blocked the website. However, you can always bypass the block by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy server. 

There is a multitude of options when it comes to choosing the best VPN. We would like to recommend a few VPN companies with a good track record in providing excellent services. You could select any VPN between Express VPN, Cyberghost, and Nord VPN. These companies offer top-notch services and give great value for your money. In addition, these VPNs will hide your identity by cloaking your IP address so that you do not have to worry about getting tracked by anyone.

6. Take the following safety measures while using torrents.

Here are some necessary precautions you need to keep in your mind before downloading torrents from sites like LimeTorrents.

a. Adware

Ads are the first thing you are going to notice when you click a torrent site. Always avoid clicking on them. If there are too many ads, then you must exit the site. You will find plenty of other sites, and we have listed some of them below. Always use adblockers to block the ads; this will help save your bandwidth and achieve faster results.

b. Malware

When you download torrents, you need to check their authenticity. Sites like LimeTorrents always verify torrent files uploaded. But you need to be careful and scan the files using antivirus software before installing them on your computer or mobile phone. Having this precaution will help save your precious time and computer and make the process more fun.

7. Is LimeTorrents safe?

LimeTorrents is one of the most trusted torrent download sites in the world. It has a secure site lock applied which protects your private information and does not track you. LimeTorrents are just like any other torrent download site. It is safe to use and download. However, Limetorrents is a peer-to-peer-based download site; it does not provide or create its own content. It is only used by users to upload their content for other users to download.

Another interesting safety feature in LimeTorrents is they do not show or store any adult content. This makes it friendly for audiences of any age group. When you open LimeTorrents, you do not have to worry about any adult content popping up.

When using a website, you should always be careful of the Adware and Malware coming into your computer from those sites. Hence you should always use reputed LimeTorrents websites to access your content. We have mentioned some of the reputed LimeTorrents websites above. This makes it essential to introspect the content properly while downloading.

LimeTorrents also verify the torrents posted on their site and are called verified downloads. This prevents users from downloading files that may contain a virus or malware. Therefore, it gives you the much-needed confidence to download your required files as quickly as possible.

8. Is LimeTorrents Legal?

Torrents and torrent websites always fall under a gray legal area. LimeTorrents is just a website that indexes content and a public torrent tracker that anyone can use. The website is not illegal, so you can literally browse around and check their content libraries. It is also not illegal to download free royalty content or content under the public domain license found on that site. What is actually illegal, is downloading, uploading, or sharing any copyrighted content.

Your ISP and government could monitor your traffic at Layer 7, and block your access to LimeTorrents. Or, while you are downloading copyright content from LimeTorrents public tracker, other peers sharing the content could be “undercover” copyright trolls, writing down the public IPs of everybody on the swarm, including yours.

9. List of working Limetorrents Proxy Sites

Here we have mentioned a few of the LimeTorrent proxies. These work perfectly fine across the world, with little advertising on them. We have tried and tested them in advance so that you can access them immediately. – best LimeTorrent site – a good alternative – original site, not available in all the countries (but use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions).

9. Conclusion

LimeTorrents is the go-to site if you want to experience a smooth experience. The interface is user-friendly; you can very use the links given on this site to access them. They rank a notch up in safety when compared to their alternatives. In fact, they have successfully managed to avoid the radar of many countries conspiring to block torrents. This makes them a trusted and reliable alternative for downloading your files. 

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