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How to Get Unbanned from Tinder.

Tinder is and has ever been one of the most popular dating apps. It is the first choice for online dating for millions of tech-savvy young people worldwide. It is the get-go for those wanting some excitement, and social interaction, or simply for those wanting to hook up, find love, or have casual sex. 

But since Tinder is open to the world, it does have rigid safety policies to protect users and their information. Tinder ban accounts when they detect activity that violates their Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. 

One of the main causes of getting banned from Tinder is that other users report you for several reasons. Getting banned from Tinder can be frustrating, especially when you are building hard-earned connections and trust. You lose everything when you get banned from Tinder. You permanently lose that conversation you were having with your potential date, contacts, and hard-earned matches. 

But the craze and excitement for “hooking up” on dating sites like Tinder are never-ending. So, in this post, we’ll help you get back on your game. We’ll go through the reasons for getting banned, and how to get unbanned from Tinder. 

1. Tinder will warn you and then ban you. 

Before Tinder bans completely you from using their app, they are likely to warn you. If you got any of the following messages but failed to comply, you might have an idea why Tinder banned you. 

  • Warning. We’ve detected inappropriate behavior that could lead to your account being banned. Please visit our Community Guidelines to learn about what is not permitted on Tinder. 
  • You Need to Stop. You’ve reported for: Bad offline Behavior, Feels like Spam, Inappropriate Photos, or Misconduct. This is the last warning before your account is locked and put under review. 
  • You’ve Been Reported. You’ve been reported for Bad Offline Behavior, Misconduct. Repeat offenses could lead to your account being banned. 

Sign the promise “In understand. It won’t happen again” make sure you understand Tinder’s Community Guidelines and move on. 

Tinder ban

If you get reported again, and the reports match Tinder’s Terms of Use or Community guidelines, Tinder will likely ban your account. They will send any of the following messages: 

  • Your Account Is Under Review. You’ve been reported by users too many times. We will be reviewing your account to determine what action needs to be made. 
  • Your Account Has Been Banned. Your Tinder profile has been banned for the activity that violates our Terms of Use.
Tinder ban

2. Reasons for getting banned from Tinder

Before we look at how to get unbanned from Tinder, we need to understand why Tinder bans users. Here, we have listed many reasons you may be getting banned from the World’s number one dating app. For these reasons, we include Tinder’s reporting feature along with its options so that you can get a clear idea.

Tinder lists many reasons for which users can report other users and ultimately get banned. Now we are going to explain the reasons mentioned by Tinder in brief detail.  

Reason 1: I’m not interested in this person

Tinder report

Although “I’m not interested in this person” is one of the most “unfair” reasons someone might report you, it exists on Tinder. Being continuously reported for this may get your account ranked lower in the Tinder algorithm and may even get you banned permanently. If someone doesn’t like you “in the fair Tinder game,” a simple unmatch or left swipe will do the trick. However, being reported for this reason too many times shows Tinder that there is something off about you.

Reason 2: Fake Profile/scam

Tinder report

Scammers occupy the entire internet, and Tinder is not an exception. Such scammer profiles can be easily spotted and reported every time. There are plenty of fake profiles on Tinder used by shady agencies to take advantage of the audience and throw advertisements or even attempt scams. In addition, some users also create fake profiles because they are afraid of getting found on Tinder by their partners. This fake profile scam report is a good approach from Tinder to help clean the online dating ecosystem.

Reason 3: Inappropriate Messages

Tinder report

The “Inappropriate messages” report is one of the biggest problems on Tinder because people use all sorts of language to message their matches. They might be rude, harassing, sexually inappropriate, ask for money, or use hate speech. If a user finds your messages inappropriate, they will report you. In addition, there may be people who install Tinder to abuse or even stalk other people. Hence it is important to use decent language to communicate with other people on Tinder. This report is an excellent approach taken by Tinder to get rid of people using offensive and inappropriate language.

Reason 4: Inappropriate Profile photos

Tinder report

Your Tinder Profile photo must follow Tinder’s policy, and if they are not, they will warn and then ban you. Tinder regularly bans thousands of profiles for using inappropriate profile photos. In addition, posting strange-looking photos that seem absolutely fake can also get you banned. Moreover, nudity is strictly prohibited on Tinder. In addition, Profile photos that are disrespectful to groups, religion, politics, race, etc. can also get your Tinder profile banned.

Reason 5: Inappropriate video chat

Tinder report

Tinder offers a video chat option so that you can meet your match before dating or if they are based in a remote location. However, if you misbehave with your match during this video chat, you will likely get reported with “Inappropriate video chat” and probably get banned from Tinder. Someone might report you with this option because the person on the video doesn’t match (fake profile), they are rude, sexually inappropriate, they seem underage, sell something, etc. 

Reason 6: Inappropriate Bio

Tinder report

It is not strange to see Tinder users using inappropriate or manipulative words/pictures in their bio. These users want to stand out from the crowd, sound interesting, and sometimes even be misleading.  However, these profiles can get quickly reported, which makes it much easier for Tinder to outrightly ban them. Tinder and its community believe that you are not supposed to offend anyone from your bio. The Bios containing hate speech, spam, selling, and violent content will be permanently banned. 

Reason 7: Underage user

Tinder report

Anyone could be able to sign up for Tinder using a fake profile and lie about their age. Although they could lie to the Tinder sign-up process, they wouldn’t be able to fool their potential matches and the entire Tinder community. If someone looks under 18 years old or other users know they are under 18, users on Tinder can use this option to report them. It is imperative that you respect this rule because, in many countries, minors are not allowed on dating sites.

Reason 8: Offline behavior

Tinder report

Offline dates are what many Tinder users are actually looking for. But dates do not always turn out as expected. A match can be abusive or misbehaving when on a date, so Tinder provides this option as a way to report “offline behavior.” This also allows users to report someone coming with a bad reputation from other social platforms. 

Reason 9: Someone is in danger

Tinder report

Yes, this report sounds scary, but it is necessary. Tinder provides this report as a way to protect their community. When you report a dangerous profile, you save potential harassment and attacks on innocent people.

3. But I’m Just a Normal Guy or Gal, Why Am I Getting Unfairly Banned from Tinder? 

So, above are the many reasons as per Tinder’s report section that will likely get you reported and ultimately banned from Tinder. 

Tinder does not spare anyone when it comes to violating its policy (which makes sense). So our recommendation is to behave when socializing with other users, play the dating game according to community rules, and, most importantly, respect yourself and other people. So, in reality, if you play by Tinder’s community guidelines and policy, you should never get banned from Tinder. 

If you feel you want to report someone, then do it, state your reasons and be fair. If you know you did a mistake on your date, then improve your game! But if you believe got reported and banned unfairly from Tinder, there are ways to get back on your feet. 

So, can you get unbanned from Tinder? 


In the following section, we’ll detail the ways to get successfully unbanned from Tinder.

how to get unbanned from Tinder

4. How to get unbanned from Tinder

We will list the best methods you can use to get unbanned from Tinder. These are simple, foolproof methods that anyone can use. 

But before you try any of the following methods, you’ll need to use a different device. Tinder’s website can fingerprint (identify and list) your hardware (mobile device or computer) along with its IP address. So they know where you are coming from and which device you are using (not easy to fool, eh?). They fingerprint your device and IP, so you can’t simply open, close your account, and open a new one. 

Using privacy technology such as rotating proxies and VPNs will help you bypass bans and restrictions. 

a. Submit an appeal. 

how to get unbanned from Tinder

The tinder support team is there to help you after all, so contacting them and specifying your reasons is the best way to get unbanned from Tinder. You can simply send them a request. You’ll need to be as accurate as possible on why you think you were banned and why you should be unbanned on Tinder. 

It normally takes just five minutes to write a simple message. You can explain why it was a mistake on your part to do things against their policy, that you weren’t unaware of them, and that you will do better. This method has worked to some extent for many Tinder users that were previously banned. The email can be very simple; you can even drop a message explaining your situation, as shown in the image above.

  • Bear in mind that for now, Tinder does not don’t offer a formal appeals process. 
  • You can use this email address to send an email –
  • You can send them a request message using this link – Submit A Request 

b. Change your phone number

how to get unbanned from Tinder

Changing your phone number can also help you get unbanned from Tinder. If your banned Tinder account had your phone number associated, you wouldn’t simply be able to disassociate your number and use the same one on a new Tinder account. Your old phone number with your Tinder account will permanently remain banned. You’ll need to provide a new number in order to create a new account on Tinder. 

c. Use a new email or Google account

how to get unbanned from Tinder

Creating a new Google account or email or using an existing spare email address can be very useful in getting a brand new Tinder account. This is much easier than the previously mentioned methods. It takes just a few minutes to set up a new Google account. In fact, Tinder does not require you to link your phone number to the account registered via email. 

d. Use a new Facebook account

how to get unbanned from Tinder

You can use a new Facebook account to create a new Tinder account. This method will work accurately and help you get back on Tinder. But obviously, creating a new Facebook account from scratch, only for Tinder, might not be the best option for everyone. This new account will also be considered a fake account on Facebook. Bear in mind that to do this, you will have to use a different device to avoid being identified by Tinder.

5. What can you do after creating a new account?

These are the few important aspects that you should consider after creating your new tinder account or getting unbanned from Tinder. 

a. Update your pictures and bio.

You must upload completely different pictures on your Tinder profile. Updating your bio and pictures will give you a fresh start from Tinder and its community perspective. Although Tinder has a verification system, they will only use it for facial verification purposes. 

b. Use a new IP address. 

Your IP address is the unique identifier for the entire Internet. Anyone with your IP can easily list it and ban it. It is clearly stated in Tinder’s privacy policy that Tinder stores your IP addresses on their system. So you must use a new IP address using a proxy or a VPN service. This method will make sure that your newly created account is safe.

d. Respect other users. 

Tinder’s community guidelines and policies were created so users can have their best experiences while online dating. If you get a second chance on Tinder, learn from your mistakes. Our recommendation is to always stick to the rules, learn to improve your game, and most importantly, respect other users.

Tinder is awesome. Good luck with your second chance at Tinder…

Before you go…

Be the best you can be, but yourself is always better, and most importantly have fun!

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